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… if you can only aim for one training, let it be this one.

Learning Lean 6s is a great idea.

Learning it with someone who's been improving companies around the World for 30 years and knows how to share it is a privilege.

If you can only aim for one training, let it be this one.

Big thanks for this week, René!

Really looking forward to put things in practice.

Sergio Martín
Solution Owner in IKEA Group

… really brings some advantage to the company and my daily work

Hello René,

Thanks a lot to PEEC for the good training and support during the black belt certification.

I have the feeling that this method kit really brings some advantage to the company and my daily work.

I wish you and your team for future all the best

S přátelským pozdravem / Best regards / Freundliche Grüße

Jonas Meier
Head of Manufacturing & Process Development

Walter s.r.o
Blanenská 1289 – CZ-66434 Kuřim

… very happy to be part of the PEEC Lean Six Sigma community

Dear René,

I am very happy to be part of the PEEC Lean Six Sigma community, simply because the Lean Six Sigma program that PEEC provides is a hands-on and practical, delivered as a progressive series of training modules that enabled me with experience to gradually build and expand my skills and knowledge of Lean Six Sigma.
Organizations from across all industries and fields, from large to small, have successfully used this disciplined and evidence-based approach to transform and sustain high levels of performance.

• Attending the Lean Six Sigma at PEEC provides access to latest thinking, a hands-on approach, and the opportunity to achieve Certification that is industry-recognized.
• I have recommended the PEEC Lean Six Sigma program to my organization and 3 of my workmates have joined this excellent training Seminar, still I am informing more about your excellent PEEC seminars hopefully more of more of my workmates with join in,
• I would like to extend my sincere thankfulness to the Instructors and the attendees of the LSS Green Belt and Black belt for sharing their expertise and know-how in both seminars that I have attended.
• I feel so proud to be a graduate From PEEC and holding the Black belt Certificate with pride.

Best Regards
Yours very truly,

Zouhair Ladki
RasGas Head Quarters, Doha – State Of Qatar

Training was practical & structured. Instilled confidence and enthusiasm

Ik wil jullie bedanken voor de inzet en support tijdens  de Green Belt en Black belt trainingen (Operational Excellence) binnen onze organisatie.
Vanaf de start hebben jullie een aanpak gehad die duidelijk praktijkgericht was.
Onze mensen hebben zich op hun gemak gevoeld, door jullie gesteund en zijn vol enthousiasme begonnen aan hun projecten. Het op een gestructureerde wijze aanpakken en verankeren van verbeteringen heeft onze organisatie een duidelijke duw gegeven in de goede richting.
Hierdoor zijn we in staat meer te produceren, met een optimale kwaliteit binnen de gevraagde levertijd. De kostenbesparingen binnen ons bedrijf zijn aanzienlijk en geven ons in de toekomst verdere mogelijkheden om nieuwe verbeterprojecten door te voeren.

Geert Smits
Managing Director
Mifa Aluminium b.v.

Lots of new ideas and great presentation techniques

Thanks so much, Rene … it was a splendid course. I actually looked forward to everyday though it may not have seemed like it. I didn’t write this down, but one of the things I enjoyed about it was how the tasks and exercises which looked daunting and difficult at the beginning all started to make sense once we worked as a team and pooled ideas or suggestions together. I can’t wait to take on a project so I don’t lose a lot of what we have learned.

I’m an Helicopter Instructor as well but I will be adopting a lot of your presentation techniques and ideas to my approach to teaching if you don’t mind.

I look forward to working with you again soon “Sensei”. Take care and thanks once more for a week of good learning and fun.

Adevokhai U., Training Captain S76/S92, Bristow, Nigeria Operations, General Aviation Area
Murutala Mohammed Airport
Ikeja, Lagos


An unforgettable experience on a Ferrari racing circuit!

The PEEC team organised a “Red Belt” event in Pavia in collaboration with Merzario Academy where we all enjoyed an unforgettable experience driving on a Ferrari racing circuit. Every participant sat in a Ferrari driver’s seat and was able to demonstrate his/her driving skills with the help of an experienced champion (Arturo Merzario and his team of professional race car drivers). We were all rewarded with a “Red Belt Certificate” and, of course, had lots of fun!

Ready for the trials

vielen Dank sagen für die tolle Schulung

Hallo Jörn

Nun ist es schon eine Woche her, seit wir den Kurs absolviert haben. Ich wollte Dir einfach noch einmal vielen Dank sagen für die tolle Schulung, welche Du gemacht hast. Besonders beeindruckt hat mich, wie Du alle ins Boot geholt hast – das war eine sehr schwierige Aufgabe, zumal die Motivation bei den meisten von uns ja nicht sehr gross war. Wir fanden es alle eine tolle Woche und ich bekomme nun regelmässig Icebreakers von unserem Kollegen.

Nun warten wir mit Spannung auf die ersten Projekte…


Ich wünsche Dir noch viel Spass bei den anderen Kursen – machs guet und es schöns Wucheend



Freundliche Grüsse

Sylvia Galli
Controllerin, Zurich

a pleasure to learn the Green belt

Dear Wendy,
It was a pleasure to learn the Green belt from you and you made the whole learning process enjoyable and very easy to take in. 
The black belt exam is tomorrow, and again it has been an absolute pleasure to be taught by Michele.
Once again,  thankyou.



a fantastic week of educational training

Hi Rene and the rest of the Green Belt collective,

I just wanted to thank you all for a fantastic week of educational training.

You all made the training both fun and informative.  I might have just scraped through but I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you guys…thanks for your support.


Have a fantastic Christmas and wonderful New Year.


All the very best,



PS, Watch out for  those Monkeys!!!!


Doug Calderwood  Cert Ed. MIfL

Regional Manager

Developing Performance Partnership Ltd (Trading as Develop-u) | Rotherham

through the Black Belt with success!!

After another 10 Hot Meals (and they where tough to get through), deeper studies in the Lean & Six Sigma Methodology, a few new tools and lot of practical exercise of the knowlage in a case study (with late night work). I’m proud to let you know that both Ole and I manage to take us through the Black Belt with success!!

A lot of thanks to Karen and Jörn (Jürg, Steve, Björn….and all the other names we put on you!  😉 )  for the time you invested in us to take us through the material.

I’m pleased to have had the oppertunity to meet you all and to get to know you. Would be delighted to hear from you in your future adventures, and perhaps we meet again!


Daniel Harvig

PS. Ole, a short version with less English words. 10 Hot Meals more! Hard work! Passed the Exam!  Se you some day!  😉