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Case Studies

Admin & Finance

  • Improvement of the Production Process of Training Publications, France, Germany
  • Improvement of the Legal and Commercial Framework, France
  • Optimize Technical Publications Process, Germany
  • Improvement of Approval Processes, Germany
  • Improvement of Financial Forecasting Process, Germany

Customer Services & Sales

  • Improvement of Business to Customer invoice process – Customer Services & BackOffice, Netherlands


  • Reduce Works Power by Eliminating Recycle Pump overuse in a Electricity Gas Power Station, UK
  • To optimize the cooling water usage a Electricity Coal Power Plant, Belgium
  • Optimize the coal process in an Electricity Coal Power Plant, France
  • Optimize the water consumption (from natural sources) in an Electricity Gas Power Plant, France
  • Optimize biomass co-firing in an Electricity Coal Power Plant, Netherlands

ICT & Design

  • Reduce costs induced by changes in harness design on Telecom Spacecrafts, France
  • Mechanical design process tailoring, Germany
  • Improve the process to produce a digital identity for access management, Germany
  • Improvement of Travel Management Process, France


  • Reduce MGB lead time between (WIP) PC and FAL, France
  • Improvement of the logistics for the FAL throughput time, Spain


  • Enhanced Execution & Delivery of assembled Aircrafts, France
  • Lean Production Concepts in Main Blade production, Germany
  • Reduction of person hours for orders manufactured on significant machines, Germany


  • Optimisation of daily maintenance order process, Netherlands