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Operational Excellence for Office

The idea:

During our 20 years’ experience with Lean Six Sigma, we have seen its successful application outside the manufacturing environment for which the methodology was initially developed and in which it has been applied for decades. In fact, Lean Six Sigma is not only a set of tools, it is also a management style and a mindset to work efficiently and effectively, reducing waste and creating productive relationships with stakeholders and team members.

Consequently we developed the Operational Excellence for Office to offer professionals who are not working in manufacturing or industrial areas the possibility to learn and successfully implement the Lean Six Sigma methodology.

To whom is it addressed:

  • All professionals who work in any domain other than technical or industrial and who want to come closer to the Lean Six Sigma world and learn its basic concepts, focusing on the concepts and tools that they can implement in their daily business
  • All already-certified Green Belts who want to dive deeply into Lean tools applied to communication, moderation of groups, negotiations, stakeholders and conflict management
  • The course is especially relevant for everyone working in, e.g., Management Support Functions, Communication, Human Resources, Office Management
  • The course is highly recommended for those professionals who work in close contact with any Lean Six Sigma Belts and want to understand their working methodology in order to better collaborate and support them

The participants will learn:

  • Applying basics Lean Six Sigma tools to project management
  • Communicating effectively with customers, team members, stakeholders and peers
  • Defining a successful Change Management strategy
  • Negotiating effectively through lean negotiations skills and techniques
  • Influencing an audience and moderating groups to achieve a desired outcome
  • Managing and solving conflicts
  • Managing remote teams working internationally

It is NOT:

  • Only for Manufacturing
  • Only for Quality
  • Only applicable to processes
  • All about statistics and variances

Schedule, fees & material:

The content is presented during a 2-day classroom course. At the end of the session, the participants will work on a case study which will lead to a Lean Six Sigma certificate (Operational Excellence for Office) accredited by the IASSC. Upon completion, participants will also be eligible to earn a Digital Certificate which can be shared over social media, linked to email signature and/or website proving to colleagues and clients the acquired expertise.

Fees include all working material, tools kits, handbook and arrangement of facilities. Fees do not include accommodation. For further info and for the detail agenda, please send us an inquiry:

Interested in private group training? Please send us an email: