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About Us

Productivity Engineering is a training company specialised in optimising processes. We offer a broad scale of services to our customers, from training, consulting up to and including realisation.

Companies face the challenge to satisfy expectations of their customers' profitability, in a very competitive environment. Meeting these requirements has become normative for the quality of processes in a company.

With consulting and training we offer the complete service. Thereby we make use of proven and very efficient methods such as Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma.

Meet the Team

Our team stands for more than 40 years experience with process optimisation for companies, in production and distribution environment and at aerospace and defense organisations. We have worked with clients from all over Europe, South Africa, United States and Canada and did successfully increase their bottom-line results.


René Visser

Master Black Belt

With his international economical background from the Haarlem Business School, started his work as principal consultant in 1990.  René joined EFQM Excellence in 2006 as a trainer in Lean Six Sigma and was awarded his Master Black Belt later on as result of the significant contribution of successful improvement projects at EADS.

R. Visser commenced his career as a Productivity Engineer and is a veteran in the business with international and economical experience in successful management of complex assignments, hands-on and innovation driven, in a large range of business sectors on world class level.

His specialism can be recognized at the implementation of improvements and business process re-design projects in challenging environments, requesting a high level of people- and project management skills.


Yap T. Yong

Master Black Belt

Was born in the Netherlands and studied at Delft University of Technology. During his international career he has held technical and management positions at Exxon Chemicals, Procter & Gamble and Dow Corning.

Since many years he has focused on productivity improvement as Senior Project Leader. He has experience in many industries including chemical industry, power generation, environmental technology, personal and household care industries, food processing and distribution, telecommunications, insurances and publishing.

As trainer and coach he is giving in-company training programs. In addition to this as Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt he is giving international open enrolment courses (Germany, Netherlands and Sweden) in Lean Six Sigma improvement methodologies.


Jörn Sauter

Master Black Belt

Studied Business Administration at Münster University. During his career he has held management positions in Automotive, Distribution and Building Industry — rounded off with Senior Project Management experience in process improvement, restructuring and ERP projects. Jörn is engaged full-time sharing his knowledge and experience as an Operational Excellence Consultant and Lean Six Sigma trainer/coach with specific clients as well as in international open enrollment courses in Germany, Benelux, Scandinavia and Dubai.

Jörn’s focus is on supply chain management and optimization of processes – including information technology — favoring hands-on solutions involving customers and suppliers. He is especially comfortable in production and service environments.

PEEC-Filip Barylka

Filip Baryłka

Black Belt Trainer

Resident of Warsaw and a Polish national, Filip speaks fluent English and also Spanish. He has accumulated more than 14 years of experience in Production Management — including Quality Assurance, Engineering, Planning (MRP implementation), International Transfer of Work Packages, Sheet Metal Manufacturing and Major Component Assemblies in the Aerospace & Aviation industry, with PZL Airbus Poland and with Casa Airbus Military.

Filip attended the Warsaw University of Technology and was awarded a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering.


Federica Ferracini

Black Belt

Italian – living Wien – and studied International Business at the Ecole supérieure de Commerce de Toulouse and Business Communication at the University of Lugano. Federica is an EADS certified Black Belt and specializes in Corporate Strategy.

In her recent assignments, she developed proven skills in project and process management and the practical utilization of the Lean Six Sigma approach. As a natural team player she has gained extensive international experience in the industries of Aerospace and Energy. International Experiences have been underlined by her 6 language skills, especially where Change Management was required.


Wendy Buckley

Green Belt Instructor / Trainer

Following a 20 year career in IT, starting out in telecommunications and moving into the travel industry with Amadeus, Wendy completed an MBA in 2003.

Specialising in Innovation Management, specifically in Knowledge Management and Intellectual Property, Wendy worked as director of the London Innovation Centre from 2004-2007.

Since 2008 she has been training and coaching Green Belts at EADS. Wendy specialises in Creative Problem Solving techniques, Change Management and encourages an entrepreneurial approach to Multicultural Project Management.

PEEC-Thierry Mariani

Thierry Mariani

LSS Master Black Belt

Is a French national residing in Luxemburg. He is a LEAN / SCRUM & TRIZ Practitioner & SIX SIGMA Master Black Belt currently working for DSM (Chemicals) in the area of Yield increase.

With a Master of Science degree in Industrial/Mechanical Engineering from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, Thierry uses his skills and expertise to attain successful project delivery throughout the project lifecycle in addition to his focus on exceeding targets with respect to revenue, profit and net cash flow.


Tim Johnston

LSS Master Black Belt

Is a British national with over 25 years senior operations experience across a broad range of sectors. Began his career in 1992 in the automotive sector where he started his Lean Six Sigma journey in a variety of production and new product project management roles. Further developed in the medical devices sector, running an improvement programme which led to winning Manufacturer of the year.

Business Transformation, Process Improvement, Supply Chain, Product development / industrialisation and Change management have been constant threads, and the experience put to use practically, delivering high performance operations and projects, and shared with LSS GB and BB students in China, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, USA and the UK.

Tim provides Operational Excellence skills and expertise in both training and practical applications.


Niels E. Heuthorst

Master Black Belt

Studied Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering in Twente, the Netherlands.

Niels has extensive integration-oriented managerial and consulting experience in a wide range of industrial environments. His focus is on excelling in operations, supply chain and support functions. Knowledge areas cover demand planning, industrial sales and marketing, supply chain, procurement, manufacturing, real estate, facilities, fleet, HR and technical subjects.

Niels’s strength lies in analysis and bringing together strategies and goals, subsequently leading to an operational and commercial solution. Process optimization is his life!


Martin Verschuren

Master Black Belt

Is a Dutch national with over 24 years of senior Business Strategy and Change Management experience in Strategic Planning, Revenue Generation, Process Improvement, Change Management, and Business Transformation and IT Re-engineering in various projects around the globe, including Russia, China, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, USA and Japan.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and is a certified PRINCE2 practitioner. Martin has demonstrated his skills and expertise in the attainment of successful project delivery throughout their lifecycle, including exceeding revenue, profit and net cash flow targets.


Benoit Rebolj

Black Belt

Licensed Mechanical Engineering and Design from Béthune Technical University in France. Benoit has extensive experience in the aerospace industry that ranges from Production Engineering to Industrialisation Project Management for Eurocopter, ASCO, SABCA and Safran Aircraft Engines.

Mostly facilitating multi-functional teams and key stakeholders during the projects assuring smooth implementations. The delivery of Lean Six Sigma training and instructing on the DMAIC Toolkit teams learn to efficiently approach Continuous Improvement projects.


Mu-Shun Peter Lo

Black Belt

Is a creative thinker providing down-to-earth solutions and has a “keen” eye from his graphical art academics. He is an easy-to-follow and visual-friendly “process and flow” coaching master. Peter has ventured into unlikely places such as Chad, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Myanmar, successfully completing project assignments and demonstrating team-building and cross-cultural collaboration skills. Over the years he has built on his versatility and utilized the LEAN approach in various assignments focusing on cost control design, productivity improvement and change management.

Peter has experience in a wide range of industries including airline logistics, telecommunications, environmental governance, international tender servicing, lifestyle wares, hospitality, food retailing and translation (Chinese).


John Fraser

Black Belt Trainer

A UK national who works for various international blue-chip clients like GE Finance and BAE Systems on contracts including those in Aerospace, Public Sector, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, Sports Management, Distribution, Pharmaceuticals and Financial Services.

Runs major projects in addition to delivering training and coaching at Yellow, Green and Black Belt levels. John has extensive experience in developing a Lean-Sigma culture and management commitment as a key to that goal. His numerous, well-scoped DMAIC projects deliver significant gains with continued drive and management support.

Languages: English, Turkish.


Ernst Nagel

Master Black Belt

Consultant and Interim Manager with a strong focus on achieving results. Graduate of the Rotterdam School of Management, operationally strong, extensive experience as a people manager getting teams to realize their goals.

Track record as LSS trainer and coach in various industries in both Public and Private sectors in Baltic States, Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic, Spain, Denmark, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, UK, Switzerland and The Netherlands. Founder of the Lean Management Institute in Ukraine.


Michel C. Doppert

Master Black Belt

Dutch national, born in Turkey – and studied International Law at the University of Amsterdam. Michel is a GE certified Master Black Belt and Quality Leader. During his international career he has held various senior leadership positions with multinational companies.

For many years he has focused on Quality Management, working with the EFQM Model, TQM, Lean and Six Sigma. In this capacity, he has led numerous projects directed at process improvement. Within a business of the GE corporation he set up and lead the roll out of the Six Sigma initiative in Europe and the Middle East. In subsequent roles he was engaged as a sponsor of Six Sigma projects using his broad business knowledge of Lean Six Sigma combined with a practical application of tools and techniques, achieving tangible results in various sectors of industry.

Stéphane Boiteux

Stéphane Boiteux

Black Belt Trainer

Stéphane graduated in Industrial and Operations Engineering at the University of Michigan as Lean Expert in 2009.

A French national who has demonstrated the ability to manage several projects simultaneously with perseverance until the result is achieved. He has developed strong facilitative leadership skills involving the management of multi-functional teams. He has also demonstrated the ability to effectively work at the shop floor level along with presentations to senior management in large organisations such as PSA, Airbus and Continental.

Through diligent study and the successful completion of key supply chain transformation and continuous improvement projects, Stéphane has acquired and demonstrated Lean and Six Sigma skills. He has an LSS Black Belt certification.

David Braun

David Braun

Black Belt Trainer

Studied Engineering and Logistics at the University of Applied Science in
Heilbronn, Germany.

His Industrial Competencies include Automotive (OEM, Tier 1 and Tier 2),
Aviation, Machine Manufacturing, Pharma, State Government and
Development Cooperation.

David has been involved in projects and courses in Germany, France,
Scandinavia, South America and China.

In addition to being deployed as an VDA 6.3 Auditor, his expertise includes process capability analysis and optimization of production sequences.

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